What do you regret the most in life?

Your biggest regret in life ?

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Marry a person who is so useless pcs of s***. No welfare towards my child and me. Mentally tortured and stressed. Living with him is just a miserable things. I dont regret that i have a beautiful child with me. I am living is because of my child. Past is a past. Lesson learned and move on. Its a great opportunity for me to be with this Jerk and Challenges that i have overcome. Its painful for me. But i dont show. Think positive and move on. I just cant wait for Divorce to be over.

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2y ago

Hang on Sis. God will give you a sweet man that will make you forget your past. Just be happy .

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Not learning how to love myself better, trying to live up to everyone's opinion and expectations yet forgetting about my own.

3y ago

I'm learning how to love myself more, and take better care of my physical and mental health :) All the best to you too, Ambika!

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I don’t have any regrets. I find regrets to be meaningless. Every bad thing is an opportunity to learn and grow

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Not knowing my husband longer before getting married or got into a shot gun marriage

I should have let go of my past earlier, in order for me to be better today.

Getting married at the young age of 23. I am now divorced and remarried.

mybiggest regret was i cant continue mystudy because money problem

When I loved him more than myself. It’s hurting me deeply.

Married with someone who didnt love me at all.

mairrage.. and Total change of life...