What are the things to consider when buying a preloved baby cot?

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Oh definitely the sturdiness of the cot structure! That encompasses safety and comfort, which to me are important for a child of any age. The mattress and any other fabric related items, if they are not up to ny standards, i reckon i can either clean them or replace them myself. The actual structure and integrity of the cot has to be top notch though. When you buy a cot brand new, that's what you're paying for mostly and it's the same for preloved items. No point buying and cheap preloved cot that is falling apart, unless you're quite handy at fixing and refurbishing.

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I would def buy a reliable & trustworthy brand and the condition has to be quite reasonable, rather than buying the cheapest offer. Look out for things like rusty "nuts & bolts" that hold the cot together. No chipped off wood that can possibly hurt our child.?

Sturdiness and condition, prices and pick up location. Like I have 1 who I got it and baby sleeps only less than 1 mths and it was left there as a storage place LOL Should you be interested, you can contact me at 96996965.

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The condition of the cot in terms of sturdiness & hygiene. Next will be if the cot size can fit the room.