What do u personally wish you had bought preloved?

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CLOTHES!! I bought my boy all the cool awesome name brands in all the teeny sizes... and it was such a waste of money $ as they were didn't last long or didn't fit him for long!

i thought i should have got myself a preloved stroller. i spent a few hundreds for a brand new, but my lo refuse to be in stroller.. my stroller is now a white elephant at home..

Baby cot and stroller. Kids grow up so fast and all these will come to waste. These arent cheap and its kind of heart pain if there isn't anyone to take over.

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I am currently looking at pre-loved stroller on those higher ends brands. Since they are more sturdy and not so heavy on the pocket by buying a second hand version

Baby toys. Those reliable popular brands can be very costly if we buy from stores. Ever bought toys but my kiddo ended up not touching it more than ten times.

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Rocker / bouncer! We bought ours for p5000+ and I found out there are almost brand new ones that I can get for as low as p1200.

pre-loved car seat

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Clothes and shoes