Do you regret having children? Do u wish you had gone for an abortion instead?

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No, I am really happy that I am blessed with two beautiful angels, my girls, I they are my strengths.. Really a blessing.

Not at all.its a great feeling to have baby

I do sometimes. Don't ask me why.

Not at all ma both kids r ma life

Nop... M blessed 2have boy & a gal... Dey r my angels, my prince & princess...

Not at all.... My daughter is a bundle of joy and happiness

No it's not regret at all kids r precious gift of god without them life is incomplete

No,i dont regret.i feel my biggest blessing in life calls me mommy☺

I ever had abortion twice before. i won't say regret. I would just hope i could turn back time and tell myself, if i feel that my current husband is not capable of handling kids or marriage, i could just be alone raising the kid without going thru so much stress and unhappiness

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I regret being pregnant. As I need to stop working, need to give financial support to my family. Eventhough I'm past 30 already, emotionally and financially not yet ready to be a mom. Add to that the father of my twins didn't acknowledged them. If I should have been more responsible on being protected

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