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What would u do if u found out your husband cheated behind ur back when u were pregnant? I checked his old phone as he changed phone in feb. I realized he cheated on me when i was pregnant. I dont know abt now. If it's u. What would u do?

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It must be hard for you. You must have felt sad and angry and confused at the same time. It is not easy and be strong mummy. First, do not panic. Keep all the evidences. Second, find a good time to talk. Do not approach the cheating part first. Talk about your love life with him. For example, how was your cooking or asked does he remember your first dates. Anything about you and him. And then, try to hint about how you are worry if one day, you will lose him. Tell him that you appreciate him as a partner. Asked him how you can be a better wife. See his reaction. Third, forgive him. Not because he deserves it, but its to keep your sanity. Sometimes, man has their playful side. But in the end, who he marries is the most important. Trust me, my husband cheated on me at least 3 times. I forgave him again and again. He realised that i still treat him well after all he has done. Now, he dotes on me. He said proudly that, no other woman can be patience enough to go through what i have been through. Well, if you have a religion, pray. It will help. A side note: If your husband starts other traits like violence and abusing, please leave him. Its a total different issue. Good luck :)

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3y ago

Sometimes, i am not sure how do i gather the strength. But, maybe because i always believe in forgiving. And i believe situation occurs to make us stronger. When i start forgiving fully, the trust just come back slowly. And now, i am really happy.

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Is your husband still good to you after he cheated on you? Is your husband a good father? Will he confess to you? Do you still love him after this? Ask yourself if you can forget and forgive him? If not, you may want to consider a divorce. I am also worried that even if you forgive him this time and not confront him, he might not repent. Or he might even leave you for that other woman.

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Heads up . Collect all the courage you need and talk to him about it. Its the time you need to be firm and show no mercy. Dont show him your weak side. Show him you can live without him(even if you cant). If he really leave, dont be sad about it. Cuz its for a better future for you and your child❤️

It is hard to get this kind of news during your pregnancy. Take a deep breath and Give yourself a hug, dear. Clear your mind before you take any actions for yourself and for your baby. Hope peace and happiness will come back to your family soon.

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Sorry to hear this but I agree you should confront him. If possible do talk to a close family member about this. Remember you're not alone!

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Take photos as evidence. Then one fine day, send him all the evidence and kept quiet. See how he explains

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Sorry to hear about this. But maybe confront him?

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I would keep the evidence and show it to him

I would take pics as proof and confront him


confront with evidence