If u find out that your husband cheats on u and u have a kid, what will u do? If itz me, i will straightaway file for divorce. No second chance cos if he can cheat once, there will again be a second time.

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Is very sad to see spouses bringing their children into battle when a marriage ends. As long the married ends without child abuse, a child deserve to have both parents in the life. Yes even one party committed adultery, that is between themselves and not the child. No matter who is financially capable, money cannot replace the love of a parent. Both parties should be given a chance to play an equal role in bringing up the child of the marriage. Anyone who thinks that there is nothing wrong with a child in single parent, has not taken the child's welfare to the paramount consideration. Watch this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL6Mqs-EXaw Regardless what path you wish to take, please do not bring your child into the conflict. As long both parties are willing to be a responsible parent, please come out with a co-parenting plan aka shared care and control for the welfare of your child.

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Before things happen, it's easy to say on what we will do or what we want to do. But when things actually happened, you will start questioning yourself and the things around you. You will have to think on the long run, your kid will be in a single parent family (there is nothing wrong with it) But things will be different when it actually happened.

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It's hard to say. Easy for people to say we will divorce etc, but when the time really comes, many will panic and stumble as well. So I don't have an answer of what I would do. Quite a tough question. Ideally I used to tell my husband I'll divorce immediately. I told him this the night before we got married. Yet now, I really don't know.

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It's hard to say But i m firm with my stand If such things happen then thats the end just like you. No point staying for a meaningless relationship and i believe the kid will understand one day too. And also when a woman is financially capable to support a kid for long run is needed and will also fight for kid custody .

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Before having kids I'll still give him a chance. If he cheats on me again (before kids) I will divorce. Now that we got kids, I really will think twice about divorcing.