LO Showing tantrums in public

What do you guys do if your 13mos old LO throw tantrums in public? How to discipline them?

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We used to bring LO to a quiet corner to let him cry/scream it out. In the public you will feel the pressure to give in, so just go to an area where there is nobody or lesser ppl (usually the staircase). If you give in, in public, LO will learn that it’s always acceptable to do this in public because he/she can get away with it.

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I would just keep silent, grip her firmly on the arm and to a quiet corner, if we are outdoors. Important to be consistent about this so if it happens time and again, your LO will “get” the situation and it’ll be easier to discipline. Hope it helps!


13 months is still very young. So your discipline should be age appropriate. They may not understand your frustration. Maybe they are tired, sleepy or hungry. Maybe talk to them before going out so you can prepare the for their trip out.


I would not give lo any attention. I will usher him to a more private area and continue with my activity. Once they realise no one is interested in their antics, they will stop

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At that moment, I will give in to the LO. When we’re at home and calmed down, I will explain that his behavior is not acceptable and the reasons. I hope this helps.

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Hi... you might find this article informative https://sg.theasianparent.com/discipline-your-child-in-public

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Try and reason out with them in a quiet corner (:

I will beat her

Talk to her