Temper tantrums

Mums, how do you deal with your two-year old's temper tantrums? I feel so overwhelmed at times and I'm certain I'm not handling it correctly as he just keeps throwing tantrums in public. It feels like he just wants to embarrass me!

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Dear mummy, please don't feel that way way as he is only 2 years old. Do you know what scenarios trigger his tantrums? Is he trying to get your attention, feeling cold in the mall, or trying to express his needs to you but can't say it clearly? Do note that new places, sudden crowd or excessive loud noises could also trigger different reactions from different kids. Stay calm and watch his body language for any tell-tale signs.

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Toddlers throw tantrums because of their huge emotions and limited vocabulary to express these. I know it's really frustrating to deal with tantrums, but the first thing to do is stay calm. If your toddler throws a tantrum in a public place, try to take him to a corner or even outside and just be with him until he calms down. Never walk away in frustration leaving him alone. This too will pass!

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He doesn’t know do education is key Talk and explain to him It’s also a phase they go through My boy did it once at the toy shop I picked him up Brought him out of store Went to a corner Scolded him Later that night when going to bed, explained and talked to him to make him understand Not everything he wants he gets Not easy but patience is key

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I feel you, mummy. The best way is to ignore the behaviour if possible. Try not to lose your anger and don't give in. Because if you let them get away every time, they will learn this behaviour and do it again. If it gets too destructive, bring them to a private spot for a time-out. A good way to prevent this is be consistent with them.

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You need to stay calm and talk to them firmly. Do not give in to their tantrums if not they will think that that’s the solution of getting what they wanted. Apart from that we need to show good example of not throwing tantrums or quarrel in front of your LO. They learn fast.

best is to stay calm and calm him down. the more you lost your temper the more they will lose it too..and if he does it mainly in public, he may be doing it for the attention. bring him aside, or to a corner and let him calm down

If my girl start to cry or shout at home, I will let her be and ignore her till she come to me quietly . Never give them the idea that crying out shouting will allow them to get what they want.

I know it’s difficult but u need to stay calm and constantly talk to him or her. Try to get them to understand that what they are doing is wrong and constantly keep doing that.

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Please observe and jot down the occasions that trigger LO outburst. You need to understand root cause before you can solve it.

What I use to do is distraction. It works like a charm