How should I handle my 2-year old's tantrums in public places?

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Firstly, stay calm. If the tantrum occurs in an area where there are lots of people passing by, direct your child to a less crowded corner to calm him or her down e.g. the nursing room, a quiet corner or even back to you car, if you drive. Let your child cry it out a bit and ask them what's wrong. Do not scold or get too agitated, as this will only add on to your toddler's tantrums. Just be as patient as you can -- usually the tantrums will stop as soon as they get tired.

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If its a shopping mall, ill carry him to a corner, if its near my house for instance on the way to school. I wont give in, i handle it there and then. Watched a clip of supernanny. Lol. So my boy cried and refused to walk, he wanted to be carried. In the end, he gave up and it never happened again. All i did was stood my ground, till he was calm and explained to him after. Sounds easy, it takes a lot more patience then i ever imagined.

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Wherever my toddler throws a tantrum is where the tantrum is corrected. I believe in addressing the issue as it occurs so that they know it's not acceptable regardless of where we are. Stand your ground as a parent & never give in.


Don’t give your child any attention. Usher to a more private place and stand your ground. Don’t give him any time of day and just continue with your activity. Once they realise their antics are not getting any attention, they stop