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How can I help baby to sleep in a new place?

Any tips or recommendations to help a 6 month old baby sleep in a new place?
Babies don’t feel any change, if they r sleepy n comfy they just sleep
You mean moving to a separate room? Babies don't usually have problems changing the environment unless they're used to sleeping with parents and now separated. You can set them to sleep first in your


How to get rid of threadworms? My daughter is constantly scratching her itchy bum, so I think she has threadworms. I applied sticky tape to her bottom and I see some stuff
Please see a pd or a pharmacist..

Daughter keeps telling helper she doesn’t like her

She keeps telling our helper she doesn’t like her. She doesn’t want to see her. And slams the door in her face. How do I discipline her?
Oh dear... How old is your daughter? Did she tell you why she dislikes your helper? Maybe something happened etc.. coz a child usually will not dislike a person for no reason

Lying child

My daughter has started to tell a lot of lies. She is very aware that she is lying and is very convincing. She’s 3.5 years old. What do I do when I catch her lying?
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Talk to her and tell her the consequences of her every action.
Tell her stories and let her know the consequences of lying
3.5 years old is still very young so you can still salvage things. Tell her stories and the consequences of lying etc...
Must speak to her firmly and look her in The Eye and tell her police will catch her

How does the epidural work?

What’s the exact science and how does it feel?
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My ex colleague did epidural because cannot bear the pain too much, so she doesn't feel pain when delivered. But I heard that during the long run when you're aging til 40-50++,it's gonna give you bad
It's anaesthesia that's injected directly to your spine to numb the lower part of your body. You won't be able to move your leg or feel anything and the effect is pretty much immediate. It's quite fun
Can YouTube to find out on epidural works. To me it doesn’t really hurts at all. Around 1/10?

My Daughter kicks a lot while sleeping

How do I get her to sleep in one place?
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Saw this and wanted to share with everyone going thru a hard time

Reach out. #suicideawareness
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Everyone should read this. ❤️
Thank you for sharing. It is very important to support each other, especially in today's era as the support systems are dwindling. Would like to say that if anyone needs to have a talk about anything,

Doesn’t let me go to work

My Daughter doesn’t let me go to work in the morning. She literally blocks the door. What do other working mums do?
Aaw tell her that’s important to work to be able to give her what she needs
It is very normal. I was like that when I was young. You have to tell your daughter and let her understand. Leave immediately and don't let her think that crying can stop you from going to work.
My dad always tell me "guai guai go play your toys I go work after work get you mainan. " in the end always kana cheated ={
Separation anxiety? How old is your child?
My dog does that as well

Why does my child hate taking a bath?

Tips to make shower time more enjoyable pls!
Add in toys to the routine, play a game with them while bathing😁
It must be scary for them. I used to play songs and make the entire routine fun for my baby.
Get some toys. Daiso has some pretty fun toys.
make sure the temp is right, just warm, not too hot/cold
Make sure the water temperature is warm n play with ur child while bathing like splash water to make it more fun buy bath toys colourful n vibrant colour.

picking nose

My daughter likes to pick her nose. How do I get her to stop? Aged 4
children learn the best when they understand the logic. if you tell her why its bad to pick her nose (bacteria and germs) and how it could affect her. It might help her to make a conscious decision fo
Most kids pick their nose (haven’t we all 😆). I found this really good article on nose picking : Hope it helps! 😀