Baby moon and push present

Curious to find out: 1) Did anyone go for Babymoon and where did you go? If you are planning one feel free to share! 2) Do you have a push present? Or do you expect one or will give to your wife?

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1. Went to Seoul&Busan for my babymoon in Oct. Enjoyed it but tons of walking so if you can’t walk a lot during pregnancy it’s going to be tiring. Wanted to go back to one of my fav places before I got tied down! So you may consider going to places you are familiar with. 2. No push present.

Probably before choosing destination, jus ask yourself what you wish to do and see during babymoon. As my hub n me, we love lazying around under the sun and near the beach, so we went for beach resort destinations.


Did go for staycation at local hotel for baby moon because I have 3 kids also. Push gifts good to have but not a must. Previously hubby bought bags and rings so not expecting him to give. Give me cash better hahaha

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No babymoon as more worried about baby wellbeing. No push present too but expected and ok with that. I rather he helps out in taking care of baby.

Both is good, but a push present is more worth it as your Husband should reward you a big present for carrying your fruit of labour for 10 months 😂

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1. Initially planning to go somewhere but now feel lazy and just want to stay home. 2. It's definitely good to have one!

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Didn’t go for babymoon and no push present. Didn’t really know about these things actually hehe

Wanted go for a trip but im too low energy on normal days, love cash hahah so that will be my push gift

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Hahaha I was wondering if push present is common.


I went to Osaka. Regretted going because it was so hot at that point in time. No push present.

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I went taiwan and had a customised jewellery with my kid’s initials as push present :)