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What is the best Christmas gift for my wife?

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Hi, I think, all that wives long for is the attention of the husband. With time marriages become dull and festivals are the other best days to make her feel special. I guess, a surprise gift is something that not only light up the eye of kids but also of elders. So, a lovable, pampered time with your wife and a gift to end the day would be perfect.

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Gift is not important. Quality time yes. Spend time with her. Talk to her. Do things together. Help her out if she needs help. Cook a nice meal together, watch late night movie at home with pop corns n little cuddling wif kisses n romance....its perfect.

Personally for me, spending quality time beats having gifts. If you are able, quality time, giving her a rest day. Serve her breakfast, whip up a meal, do the chores before she wakes up. It would be a wonderful surprise. :)

if you can leave the kids to you or wifes parents .. have some vacation with your wife somewhere she loves this is the best gift I think ,since you can use the time to relax yourself have a nice quiet and alone time with your wife.

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depends what she like actually. i like gold.. i accept gold anytime... but a staycation or bali trip would be nice... maybe great dinner date at a high end restaurant.... or........ take a time out all paid for, for 1 day... 🤣

Would love a 4D3N couple vacation with the husband, somewhere that we can shop and eat till we drop during the day and a nice, big hotel room where we can have slow and loving sex daily in the nite.

As a wife, giving me a rest day would be the best gift ever. You could let your wife sleep in the morning longer, cook for her, do the household chores and take the kids out for play. 😄

if you have the luxury of leaving your child with someone, maybe a few days before Christmas or so, go for a couple vacation. trust me, the best gift for a partner is your time and love.

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aww ang sweet naman na daddy. sana all 🤣 anyways, surprise nyo po si wifey ng staycation or movie date. flowers or simple na neck lace

For sort of wife do you have? Is she wild? Is she demure? Does she like surprises? Whatever the answer... stick to cold hard cash!