Want to rant! my Husband wants to be hands on dad and willing to help out with newborn if I need his help. We are both extremely tired because taking care of newborn with zero help is jus exhausted. So weekend came and I look forward to it so that we can co-parent whole day. However he rather spend LO nap time to watch tv then at night he will be v tired n give me the "I'm-so-freaking-tired-and-i-still-have-to-help-out" face. Whilst me, I quickly take the opportunity to take naps while LO sleeps. N thruout the night I still do my "night duty" plus pumping. He still help but I jus hate it that he gave a face n help. Who ask him not to catch some rest when LO is sleeping!

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well. he also need his ME time. It's already good that he wants to be hands on. My husband doesn't help at all. For my #1 he stayed up during the confinement month to help to prepare formula. for my #2, basically he slept thru ever since i brought bb back. i wish my husband is more helpful! Give him some time to adapt. Soon it will be better

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