A few days newborn.

After giving birth is so painful to walk around the house to get things done. So I have my husband and my father in law helping me take care of my newborn. However my husband sometimes is being distracted with his game(state of survival) he is the leader of an alliance and he is an addicted gamer. Sometime I feel like he doesn't give his 100% attention to my little one. For example I am able to feed my little one 2 Oz of milk for each feed but he is only managed to feed 1 Oz claiming that she is full. When I look at him feed her, he took a really long time before burping her because he is busy clicking on his phone. I did mention it to him not to play so much on his phone before giving birth because I have the same issues with him with my first Newborn. He doesn't seems to change. I just have to wait for myself to recover but it is so painful looking at my second newborn not receiving enough care. My father in law do take care of my newborn as well. However I do not like it when he said that she needs to be fed according to time not because she is hungry than feed her... I don't really want my baby to starve. I really wish I can just recover and take care of my newborn on my own without their help. What should I do now?

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Hi mummy actually your fil is right feed only when baby is hungry so they will learn too. You do not need to follow schedule to feed if baby is hungry they will cry and ask for milk

2y ago

I think OP mention her FIL wants baby to be fed on schedule instead and OP wants baby to feed on demand :)