My mother in law does not seem keen to take care of my baby. Have to think of alternatives. Is getting a nanny or infant care centre better?

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of course child care. they get to mingle with peers their age, play and have activities catered for them. it's better for their development. maybe even cheaper too.

I would prefer infant care n I think the LO will learn a lot in school

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I would prefer a nanny first . As baby is too young and need to build up immunity ..

If you are able to find a experience nanny, i would say go for the nanny first. Let your little one build it's immunity before heading to childcare.

you can either go for a nanny care - where the nanny comes home and looks after your baby while your MIL is also there, if she is staying with you that is. but in that case, you have to make sure that the nanny follows your instructions and not what the MIL says. please be firm on this with the MIL as well. infant care is also an option but it is true that many infants tend to catch infections at such a young age when they are kept with other babies.

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prefer infant care. but agree with the rest tat need to build on immunity

i feel that infant care baby tend to fall sick easier . some mothers still send their unwell baby there due to work issue. Nanny even when baby is unwell, u can send baby there and they will take care for u. Actually if u were to ask me, infant i dont think they can learn much also due to too young age.

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Infant care centre is better I guess, as there will be trained professionals taking care of your baby, and you will be carefree and feel secured to leave your child there. Whereas if you keep a help you will have to guide her each day what do or what not to. Keeping a help would no doubt let your baby be at home but then it will still be taxing for you to keep a tab on how all is going on at home. It would demand your total attention. In day care, your kid will have kids his age around and will have company, which will develop his social skills as well.

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There are different pros and cons to infant care and getting a nanny. Think about what you really want and comfortable with. For me, I chose to get a nanny because I wanted my baby to get undivided attention as my baby wasn't an easy baby to start with.

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IFC will allow child to bond with peers. In fact, my girl is so sociable as compared to some of my relatives and friends kiddos who were kept at home. Negatives of IFC are that child will fall sick more frequently but immunity will be built up. Do your necessary vaccinations like flu jab.

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