Confinement nanny ?

Is confinement nanny necessary? Anyone can advise or share your experience? I have my in laws who are committed to take care of the baby when born. They are also planning to take up infant care course. I will be ordering confinement meals package.

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Not necessary. It’s just some people prefer a professional to look after their needs after birth. I can vouch for majority of some ethnic groups who don’t take confinement nannies and we are all just as fine. Still got time to do our post-natal massage, look after baby, pump and latch, cook our own meals, do light chores. Even the westerners do everything on their own. If you believe in the help your in-laws can provide you, don’t need to engage with confinement nanny, to be honest. As for me, I was staying at my family’s place during my confinement and my mom helped to cook healthy confinement meals for me. You won’t have much appetite after birth actually. And most of the time newborns are always asleep. So make sure you build your stash of BM for standby while you have your post-natal massage. Other than that, move in a much slower pace, be very careful and don’t carry heavy things. I don’t like non-family members to handle my newborn especially right after birth. Such a crucial and important time to be spending with my newborn even though I’m recovering.

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Our little princess was born during early Jan, we didn’t engage any confinement nanny as I ordered two different confinement catering for my wife. However, my mother was heavily engaging in house chords (washing of clothes, preparing dinner for my wife and family of 4) During infant time, beside herbal shower basically I am sleeping in living room and taking turns to take care of my daughter in our room, beside feeding, poo, sleeping actually it’s manageable. PS: Strongly advise part-time helper to separate washing of baby clothes and adult clothes, drying and folding, constant cleaning up the area like sweeping, moping. Don’t totally expect your parent to commit because due to low energy-level.

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Not necessary. The first few days may be overwhelming for you, but once you get the hang of it, it will be more settling. Plus, confinement Nannies aren’t a definite help. I have had bad experiences with PEM agency. Nowadays, some nannies are more looking at an easy way out to earn their salary rather than genuinely taking care of your LO wholeheartedly. At the end of the day, some dont have enough experience to help solve your problems but give you useless advices instead.

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not necessary when you have your in laws to take care of baby for you. base on personal experience, having a confinement nanny was a nightmare. it depends on your luck whether you got a gd nanny or nanny from hell.

if u dont mind spending than yes get a confinement nanny... they can help u take care of ur baby while you heal. Also if inlaw u also paiseh if u never take care of the baby. Now u need good rest n healty food.

not necessary if you have someone to help with caring the baby and/or yourself.. can just buy those confinement meals and bathe herbs all that.. save cost also

Not necessary…I engaged in confinement Nannie’s and they were a nightmare…from big agency. Had to file police report as nanny abuse baby.

If you already have help from in-laws I don't think it's necessary at all. I hired a nanny as I have toodler and nobody was helping.

Since you have your in laws helping then not necessary

Not necessary!!