My Baby Serah (Late Post) Warning Super Long Post ahead

Valentine's day this year is quite memorable for us, as it is the time we anticipated to meet our bundle of joy-the start of my labor. After office, I was excited to open my valentine's presents but we directly went to the delivery room to check my labor status as I already have signs of labor and my OB told me to go to the Delivery Room. As they checked me that time I was still hoping to go home coz I only have 2-3cm opening, but then my contractions are within short intervals. At 8pm I was admitted and spent my night at labor room. Series of labor pains and contractions continued the nxt day up to almost 24 hrs but then after 2 attempts of my OB to done CS operation I progressed to 5000x of dysme pain-the 9cm but then my baby's heart rate started to weaken so my OB didn't risk it anymore we went to the operating room. At 6:30pm 15 Feb 2020 the doctors and nurses started to pray for my successful operation and by 6:42 I forgot all the pains I experienced earlier that time as I heard my baby's 1st oha!oha! my heart sank and i cried for so much joy and thanksgiving. Then after cleaning my baby they bring Serah to me and we had our first bondate ever. After a while they get Serah and I immediately asked them "Doc pwede na ko ka kaon?! they all laughed, don't know nagutom lng gd ko ya bi.? Feb 18, 2020 and Serah is home! Welcome to your new home baby! ??? #KwentongLabornaCS #SerahsStoriesSeries #ThankfulEver #BlessedBeyondWords

My Baby Serah (Late Post) Warning Super Long Post ahead
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Congrats po ☺️