Early miscarriage

Hi mga momshie..today morning i had my trans v ultrasound and sad to say i had miscarriage🥺doctor didn't find anything in my ultrasound. Two weeks ago when my husband and i found out that I'am pregnant through my positive pregnancy test and the day after we went to the ob for my first check up. That same day i had my first ultrasound and the baby was there and was able to hear the heartbeat. Then the doctor said we need to come back after 7 days for follow up check up to see if the baby develop. Then on the second check up the doctor was not able to hear the heartbeat. During this week i started to have bleeding. So the doctor adviced me to have a trans v ultrasound. Before my ultrasound i was hoping that we will be able to hear the hearbeat of my baby but sad to say bcoz of my bleeding it all went out naturally. Hayss ang hirap bcoz this is my pregnancy, but the nurses in the hospital was kind enough to give me some comforting words na "it's okay,it happens,it's out of our control. Hopefully on my second pregnancy it won't happen again.🤰🤱yun lang mga momsh. Thanks!😊

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Right time will come mommy! Hug! I also had miscarriage sa 1st pregnancy ko, I had to go under operation(ovary removal) while preggy, then we lost the baby. After 2 years dumating na ulet rainbow baby! Now I'm at my 19th week. I'm praying for your recovery, physical, mental and emotional! Hugs 🤗Pray lang din mommy 🙏🏻

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hi moms ako po 3 days na nagbleeding nakapagultrasound ako kahapon mahina yung heart rate nya tapos binigyan ako ng gamot pang pakapit at totally bed rest ako ngayon masakit pa din yung puson ko at nagbleeding pa din ako hopefully next na balik namin malaks na heart rate nya binigyan ako ng aspirin para sa heart ni baby

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had the same experience during my 1st pregnancy and i believe in the verse 'God gives, God takes' . mas na appreciate ko yung growth ng relationship namin mag asawa dahil dun. currently @30weeks 2nd pregnancy. 🙏 Prayers for you mi and God knows your desire.

sis babalik c baby magtiwala ka lang. ako na miscarriage last 2020 at 25weeks thwn after 2yrs. eto na buntis na ult ako at 19weeks na kme ni baby. ipag pray mo lang sis at ibbigay nya ult sa inyo c baby. god bless and praying for your speedy recovery and healing. 🙏

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Thank u☺️

ganyan nangyari sakin,.2nd and 3rd pregnancy coz every time i got pregnant tumataas sugar ko na diagnosed ako na my GDM,.and now i'm 25 weeks pregnant GDM parin from 6 weeks upto present nag iinsulin na ako,. hopefully makaraos kami ni bb

tiwala lang mii, nakunan din ako sa first baby ko nung jan after 2 months nagkababy ulit now I'm going 8 months, pray lang mii at ask ka kay ob ano pwede mo inumin ako kase pinainom ako ng folic acid hanggang sa mabuntis ako ulit.

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Hi mii,yan din po ang sabi sken ng doctor mag take daw ako ng folic acid,anong folic acid brand ang tinitake mo?

Almost pareho ng miscarriage ko last year except for the bleeding. You will get through this. May little angel na rin kayo who will look after sa inyong susunod na anak.

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Yes,we now have our guardian angel😇

Same situation. Manifesting a rainbow baby! 👶🏼🌈🧿 Hugs mommy 🤗 Mahirap pero we’re going to be okey din, soon!

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Thank u po!In God's perfect time😇

2nd pregnancy ko namna blighted ovum 😔 sana ibigay na satin ang rainbow baby natin 🥹

Same situation. Manifesting a rainbow baby! 👶🏼🌈🧿 Hugs mommy!!!! ❤️