I didn’t expect it

EDD:Feb 25,2020 DOB:Feb 12,2020 Birth Story; Feb 11, 2020 exactly 38weeks It’s my weekly scheduled NST check up, while driving to the hospital I experienced sharp pains that was 5-6mins apart I didn’t expect that it was contractions since I always experienced braxton hicks and It wasn’t that painful. But when they check it was already labor contractions but unfortunately my cervix was still closed. But my OB insisted I need to be admitted to be monitored but after 24hours still my cervix wasn’t dilated yet but my contractions has been intensely painful so the doctor decided to check via ultrasound. The results came out the baby’s head is not engaging to my pelvic and my fluids is slightly decreasing and these may add the stress to the baby. So dr decides to do an emergency c-section if there’s is no signs of labor after the next few hours even tooked primrose & buscopan to soften the cervix. By 7pm on Feb 12, doctors check cervix is now at 1cm but sadly I was experiencing constant headache as they check my blood pressure it was above normal (preeclampsia) and it was alarming so we decided not to wait and around 9pm I entered the operating room. And came out a 7pound healthy baby boy✨

I didn’t expect it
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Hala ganyan din ako pero 34w based on Ultz and 37w based on Lmp pero closed cervix parin at nag active labor 5 mins apart din pero pinauwi ako ng ob ko sabe pag nag 2-3 mins yung pagitan hanggang magtuloy tuloy yung pain balik daw ako agad and thank god pagsapit ng hating gabi medyo nawala yung pain hanggang sa wala na talaga. Nakakatakot din ma cs. Anyway Congrats ❤

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Thankyou. Godbless po sa delivery ni baby.

Congrats mommy! May i ask if pumutok ba panubigan mo?? Bakit medyo umonti ung amniotic fluid?? Sorry sa tanong ftm here

3y ago

nasa labor room po ako minomonitor kasi sobrang lakas na nag contractions ko parang manga nganak na pero every time EI ako closed, pero yun po ihi lg ako ng ihi lagi wala namn ako na ramdaman na ika iba sa pag ihi ko.

Congrats mumsh sa healthy baby boy! Truly a blessing. 👶🏻💙

Anu po ibig sabihin Ng labor contractions momsy?

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Congratulations! Ang pogi 😍❤️❤️

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wow ang pogi naman ni baby, congrats po

Congratulations mommy and hi baby boy!

ang cute... 😍congrats😊😊😊

Ang gwapo. Congrats mama! 🥳

Congrats mamsh 🎉🎉❤️