Early miscarriage

Good day! I would like to share my journey. The first day of my last menstruation was November 1. First week of December was supposedly my period but i was delayed so Monday, December 7 i tried to take a pregnancy test and its positive, also that day when i confirmed that i was pregnant i started to take Folic acid, but Thursday and the next day i was having a brown discharge, i thought its normal so i stay calm until Saturday morning it became red like a blood and its like a menstruation there is also a blood clots went out from me, Then i started to be worried that time i know this isnt normal so we went in the hospital they checked on me and they find out that my pregnancy was gone. Though its still early miscarriage. Its hard for us to accept this but in time, the pain that i have will heal. I'm just thankful to the Lord God who is always there to guide me. Though it happened to me, i know he had a plans for me in the right time. #pRaiseTheLord #misscarriage #1st_pregnacy

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I felt that today same nangyari satin i have early miscarriage for about 4weeks ang sakit pala sa dibdib kahit di pa sya ganun kabuo at kalaki mabigat sa kalooban ko na mawalan ng anak?

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yes sis .. everything has a reason