Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising

We hope everyone has been safe and well, during this period ? . For this Ask the Expert Session, the topic will be about 'How normal Asian parenting habits can inflict long term issues on children'. . Our Expert, Christine Wong: Founder &; Principal PsychoTrauma Coach for Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd, will be answering your questions all about asian parenting habits and cabin fever. . Don't forget to leave your questions in your comments section for Christine to answer!

Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising
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I grew up in a typical Asian family, being raised by my grandparents. I grew up with my siblings and cousins. My grandparents preferred the boys to girls and will often scold and hit us when we were naughty or not obedient. They will always make comparisons among the kids. My parents were busy and they don’t really communicate with us. As a kid, I had low self esteem, insecure and felt very inferior. These negative feelings continued till adulthood and affected my relationships. Even though I am considered successful in their eyes, I feel like it’s not real. Is this imposter syndrome? Now that I am a parent, I do have flashbacks. How do I avoid these mistakes and treat these long term issues? I am thinking of how to raise my child to be an independent and secure child. Would appreciate your advice, please. Thanks!

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2y ago

Very brave sharing, I think so many are affected by these issues..