Seeking speech therapy doctor at Goverment Hospital

my toddler is kind of late in speech therapy. so he is advised to see some speech therapy at govt clinic but I don't think the government clinic provides such therapy service... so is it the ideal I would go for Goverment Hospital for this therapy service? Putrajaya or Shah Alam Hospital, recommended doctors please? mind to share your thoughts? Thanks mommies.

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Tulis jawapan

Before I’m going to PPUM but only 1 time coz while waiting the appointment at home I use to talk to my twin & same time they like to watch peppa pig cartoon. So from this cartoon my twin can talk nicely. You try PPUM for speech therapy

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my daughter doing her speech theraphy at Hosp Seremban(HTJS).Actually most gov hosp have that service,just ask/refer to KKIA.

hope you will find the best one.