Child Speech Therapy

My child does have speech therapy problem since he cannot talk words properly unless he only talks babble words. He also cant stay focus and lost in eye contact. He did went to NASOM for an assessment but unfortunately they couldn't test him as it's not fair to him since he looks so fine with environmental no afraid with people around happy with toys people cheer him up. One thing he couldn't speak well that's all. So he is very much needed adult people speaking and kids playing around as well. So I see the solution is he has to do interaction with people would enable to help him in speech? Anyone knows how speech therapy is done with a child? Does it need to be done on individual to each other, like teacher with a child in the class room only? To stay focus and get eye contact. Any tips sharing with me, mummies? Much appreciated thank you!

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Tulis jawapan

I think you can try to get the assessment again under Autism. If you want to try, you can actually try to look for some speaking aids and be patience and try to teach him bit by bit. Don’t force him. If he get bored, try to coax him again or put some time off among the lesson time.

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OK sis thank for the good advice. 😊