Afraid of Speech Delay

My baby aged 18M. Have yet say any word instead of mamma..ha..ha and humming and nod her head whenever i speak to her. But she understand well when i gave her instructions. Is there anyway i can make her speak? ? Because recent check up the doctor did mention that if by 2yo she still can say any word we need to go for speech delay therapy. We have 6 months left to get her to speak.

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my toddler is 20months old now. he says car, mama, papa, mamam for food and nenen for milk. he also says 'go' if he wants to go out for a walk. but he cant put a sentence together yet. mostly he suka membebel je. give it time, but do talk to them more and they will learn.

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teruskan cuba ajar, anak sy 2y4m now, sedang ikut speech therapy baru lepas test ENT,alhamdullilah semua normal.lepas ni appt dgn speech doc.harap semuanya bukan kerana masalah kesihatan, sbb mslh ni juga jadi punca anak² jd mcm tu.klu boleh minta cepatkan utk rujuk ke pakar.

4y ago

Doctor ckp umur2 tahun baru boleh refer pakar. For time being kena byk bckp dgn baby

dont worry moms . my little brother can speak at age 3+ . now dia asyik membebel je sampai pening dengn pertanyaan dia 😅

2y ago

anak kamu masa 18bulan sdh pandai menerima arahan ka sis?

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singing with her everyday. mybe?

4y ago

I did try that as well