Acid Reflux!

Any tips to keep acid reflux at Bay? I'm at 31 weeks and the burning feeling up my throat kept making me throw up ? would love to know if any of you mummies manage to counter this. Thanks

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hi, mommy ako before ako na buntis may acid reflux ako o gerd. since december 2019 ang natutunan ko is wag mashado kumain ng mga acidic food dahil naka trigger ito. nagka cause into panic attact, heartburn, chest pain and etc kaya before ka kumain.. warm water muna o yung mainit kunti wag mashado ha kasi si bby 😇 then after that kain ka pakunti kunti every 3hr kain mo after kumain wagka muna hihiga much better lakad2x o kaya umupo ng matuwid after 1hr okay na yan atleast yung kinain mo naka baba na 🙏.. kaya be healthy abd safe lang tayo parati mommy 🤗💕 god bless 😘

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6mo ago

Precisely i dnt understand the pinoy here like to talk in their language!

I have reflux even before pregnancy so when I’m pregnant it only got worse. Doctor changed my regular meds (omeprazole) to famotidine and it didn’t help at all so after suffering for about a month, he switched it back to omeprazole and it helped to control the symptoms. It helped that he clarified and confirmed with the pharmacist about omeprazole use during pregnancy to make sure it’s safe for me and baby. Talk to your obstetrician about other remedies if you’re uncomfortable with taking drugs.

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Oh mummy, just a few more weeks - hang in there! Avoid foods that trigger heartburn like chocolate, fatty foods, spicy foods, acidic foods like citrus fruits and tomato-based sauces, pepsi, coke, and caffeine. Keep your body elevated while sleeping - use an extra pillow if you need to. And yeah, remember to always sleep on your left side.

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buy Gaviscon, acid reflux meds. Safe to consume even during pregnancy. I was at my 3rd tri and also had very bad acid reflux especially at night. Gynae told me to get gaviscon or they can prescribe another type of acid reflux meds if gaviscon doesnt work. But thankfully gaviscon worked for me.

6mo ago

Veragel works too!

TUMS only one that worked for me for all 3 of my pregnancies. I don’t get nauseous or vomit much during my pregnancies but had really bad acid reflux. Preg with my 4th now and already have TUMS on standby :)

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I had acid reflux at first semester only, in my third semester, everything goes well. I had big appetite. When I had acid reflux its good for you to drink something fresh such us coconut water, reduce orange or lime juice or something acid. Eat watermelon.

For me, drinking a glass of warm milk really helped for acidity. Also, eat smaller meals instead of 3 large meals and try to avoid eating or drinking for 3 hours before bedtime. Stay away from spicy, fatty foods and drinks with caffeine.

Same with you mommy.. May acid reflux din ako.. Iniiwas kung kumain ng maacid like ng maasim, even chocolate iniiwasan ko rin.. And kung a atake ng acid reflux mag higa kalang ng left side mo mommy na medyo mataas ang unan.. 😊😊😊

Oh I have this too. All the time I eat no matter the food is spicy or not. 😅 I do try to keep my portions small and eat frequently and it'll ease a bit. Sitting up straight when eating and at least an hour after helps too

I am also at week 31, having bad acid reflux. Get worse at night if I sleep too close after meal. Medicine given by doc doesn't help. I tried to drink milk, avoid spicy food. It help lessen a bit.