One time pinatawag ako sa school ng anak ko kasi may problema daw . When i got there the principal explains to me that my son bullied one of his classmate i was shocked coz i dont even realized that he can do that . Whats the best thing to do to explain to him that what his doing is not right ? Do i need to punish him for doing that ?

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Ask your kid to narrate what happened. After that, you can ask him questions like why did he do it, what will he feel if it was done to him. If he said he will feel bad, you can start explaining that the other kid must be feeling bad as well with what he did. Then you can ask him, will you do it again now that he knows it makes someone feel bad? The goal is to make your son realize why it is bad, and not just agree that it is bad because you say so. Also, from the reason why he did it, you can check if there are underlying issues that might have cause it.

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i agree with what you've said... and check that maybe there is some underlying issues that might cause it. prayer is important also... as a parent we should always cover them with our prayer for their protection, guidance and that they will grow up with God's will knowledge.

Punishment is different from disciplining. I guess what you have to do is to discipline the child. He has to know the pros and cons if he continues to become a bully. Give him scenarios that would make him realize how is it to be bullied and what is the feeling of a bullied person. As a parent, be there to guide him until such time that he understands and commits that he won't do it again.

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Probe on the matter first. Hear out what your son has to say. If it turns out he is guilty, then ask the reason/s why he did it and how it made him feel. Make it clear to him that it was wrong and set the rule and consequence if he does it again. Also, make sure he apologizes to the one he bullied.

Yes, he needs to be disciplined for his bad behavior. But more importantly, you should understand the root of his behavior. Sometimes it's because your kid doesn't know how to manage his emotions. Other times, he needs to be taught how to resolve conflict and "play nice." Hope you sort things out!

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