Feeling a BAD MOTHER

I think I need help. I'm a new mom. My baby just turned 6mos this 2nd of June. The late night sleep is over. Just like what everyone said, sleepless night will be all over and everything will be better. That parents will be able to adjust accordingly. Just when I thought I am able to adjust already, I feel like I am not going to become a good mother to my son. 2 days ago, I noticed that my son is very fond of his father. They play and giggle a lot, my husband is also the one who's bathing him everyday. My son is seldom nursing with me, he is on a formula milk most of the time already. I can't help but feel jealous, because I am not able to make my son laugh easily like his father. I feel jealous that when he suddenly cries because he wanted to sleep, I wasn't able to make him comfortable easily. Then his father will come to the rescue and In an instant he will stop crying. I feel bad and worthless. To add to the frustration that I am feeling, I feel angry when my husband is trying to get our baby while crying while I'm doing my best to try and make our baby comfortable but I just can't . The other night, I walked out because of that. Yesterday I shook my baby a little, I know it's harmless but I know the feeling is not right. I am afraid that if this continues, that there will come a time that I will hurt my son physically. I don't know if I am the only one feeling these things. I read a little about post partum depression, I read something about that if you feel like you wanted to hurt yourself or your baby that it's already a sign. I already did the first one, I do not want to come into the state that I will also hurt my son. If anyone is reading this please help me. I will appreciate if you can message me in my phone number 09184455689.

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Mommy post partum depression yan di ka po nag iisa ganyan din lo ko pero you know what? Wag mong isipin na di ka enough para sa baby mo dahil sa loob palang ng 9 months ikaw ang nag alaga sakanya kaya walang kulang sayo maging happy ka para sainyo buti nga po sa hubby mo napapa lapit si baby hindi sa kamag anak nyo po mas mahirap po yun at mas masakit. nakakainggit po na mas malapit si baby kay daddy nya pero masaya naman po diba nabawasan po ba yung pag mamahal mo sa baby mo? Hindi naman po diba? I always ask my self kung am I enough? Para mapalaki ko baby ko ng maayos? Naniniwala ako na sapat na ako para sa anak ko d din ako BF mom formula na din binibigay ko pero kahit ganun andun pa rin yung alaga at pag mamahal ko sa anak ko kaya wag ka pong ma down kung malapit si baby kay daddy pray ka lang po at wag ka pong mag iisip ng mag iisip kasi ikaw lang po ang maiistress try mo po I open din sa hubby mo para ma tulungan ka nya

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