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What's so special about Boracay? I keep hearing that it's overrated, totoo ba?
i dnt knw haha
i love the relaxing vibe :)
i was there January 2017 before closure and nasabi naman, eto na pala yun Bora.. nothing special naman, maganda lang night life if you are party goer. pero un beach, may laban un beaches sa Bicol and
Maingay na sobra. Kaliwa't kanan ang mga party lalo na sa station 2 and 3. Hindi relaxing. Bohol is way better.
Dati sigiro, 2 decades agong ang sarap sarap mag bakasyon gyan kase ang peaceful pa. Pero ngayon ang ingay ingay na at super crowded lalo na kapag Laboracay. Mas nakaka-stress.
Music class
Should you force your child to keep going to music lessons/enrichment classes if they don't want to anymore?
If they're not interested better not to push them to go. Instead ask them what do they want .
Hi, If they are not interested better to not push them for the music class, as then the chances of learning are very less
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If they have zero interest then I think best to stop e lesson.
No. Let them discover what they want.
Have you ever tried/or thought of trying the Diva Cup for your period?
not yet, but i want to try.
i found it interesting when other people were posting about it but it just seems so risky (and gross) like what if you're not used to it yet and blood gets all over the place esp. in a public bathroom
How long does "cradle cap" last? Is there anything I can do to make it go away faster?
It will disappear on its own. What you can do is apply some olive oil or coconut oil before shower. Bath baby and brush babies hair gently after shower.
You can try virgin coco oil. It worked for my lo
It will eventually disappear on its own. Everytime you bathe the baby, bits of it flush away.
It stays on baby's head for a couple of weeks and it just disappears little by little. You don't need to anything as it may hurt the baby. Some put baby oil on baby's scalp before bath time.
Hi Cristina, I do not think you should intervene unless the condition persists and do not get resolved on its own. All I would say that you can try is oiling baby's scalp and making the scales soft.
What are your plans/resolutions for 2017? :)
To start my home business of mental health and to do well in it =)
Look for additional income streams so we can easily save up for the kids' future. I also plan to pay up all existing loans as possible.
To be punctual in everything and to save more money to be used in emergency cases like unplanned pregnancy. :)
To work hard so that we can save for our house's pending construction.
More savings, career growth, better figure at least one exicting trip with my hubby and daughter -- these are the top on my list :)
It's less than a week till Christmas and I still don't have the Christmas spirit. Anyone else feeling the same way too? Any tips?
Hehehe hormones strike you po ata mamsh hehe pray lang po 😊
Hehehe aga nman po ng x-mass mo mamsh tiwala ka lng po at mag pray.
Dati pa atang post to hehe. Sana okay ka na momsh especially this coming Christmas season nanaman. ☺
same here
Less than a week momsh..npakaadvance nmn po parang 3 days nlng xmas na..😅 by the way marami p nman pong kaganapan n mangyayari wag po tayong mawalan ng loob malalampasan natin mga problema magdasal l
Manila-based moms and dads, how do you cope with this insane traffic? x____x
I leave home for work earlier. Around 6am to be in the office before 9am.
Wag nalang lumabas kapag hindi kailangan hehehe
By not going out so much. Pag mag mall sa nearby malls lang and kung di maiwasan sumabak sa traffic we use waze para kahit papano may guide kami kung saan dadaan.
What are some of your Christmas traditions? :)
Nothing special really. Pero every Christmas day, we put out all our used clothing and other stuff so we can give it away sa mga dadaan sa bahay na makiki Christmas. Yun lang naaalala ko na gawain nam
Before the Noche Buena starts, we gather around for a prayer time. We basically share what we're thankful for. We also sing praise and worship songs.
During our family noche buena, we have to give out gifts one by one with matching dedication. The most creative ones get a prize at the end of the night. It doesn't matter kahit umagahin na kami basta
At what age did you move out of your parents' place?
I always lived with my parents till the time I got married. Actually, most people in India still do that, unless you are working in some other city. Most still live with their parents after marriage,
I did not really move 'out' from my parents' place, but stayed away for about 6 months as I was taking a course and the place was far from where I lived with my parents. I moved closer to the insti
I moved out of my parents' place when I was 19, when I first started working. My office bus used to come pretty far from where my parents lived, so it was difficult for me to first reach there and the
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I did not move out myself but was forced to move out by my own mother at age of 28 with my 1 year old baby and she loudly declared "I have finished my part as your mother and why should I continue to
Santa exists - yay or nay?
Do you encourage your kids to believe in Santa Claus? Why/why not? :)
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I don't encourage the belief of Santa Claus, but we encourage the spirit of giving instead! Every special occasion we have is seen as a way to give back :)
I wouldn't really "encourage" them to believe in Santa Claus but I wouldn't burst their bubble also. If I were to encourage this belief, and they do grow up believing it, they might feel cheated y'kno
Nope. For us, forcing them to believe in Santa Claus deviates the real essence of CHRISTmas.
Yes, I do, because I think that the best part about being a kid is that we are allowed to believe in fairytales, wonderlands, magic, etc., and remembering my childhood I really cherish those memories