Are there other couples here who live with their in-laws? What are your challenges and how do you deal with each?

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I have a lot of relatives and friends who live with their in-laws. Most of them struggle due to a lot of differences. One major factor is the generation and culture of their in-laws which were always being compared to their current generation and culture. Their in-laws norms are also quite different from what they are used to now. One of my closest friends who still opt to live under the same roof with with her in-laws said that it is the amount of respect and patience (a lot of it) that she gives to her in-laws that makes her survive the daily miscommunication and tension.

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We lived with my in-laws for a couple of months after our wedding. As expected, there will only be one queen in a kingdom so I have to follow whatever rules my MIL in their house. Good thing that my MIL and I have the same likes. If ever there are things that we differ in opinion, I just keep quiet and accept/follow what she wants.

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I heard that one of the most common problems that couples encounter when they live with their in-laws is the lack of privacy. Another thing would be the in-laws trying to get into their parenting style. I guess the only thing you'll be needing in order to deal with all the challenges would be patience.

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We stayed with my in-laws for a month when we had our house renovated. While my MIL and I are in good terms, there will always be some things wherein our opinions differ. Of course, her house, her rules. It takes a lot of patience and humility in order to avoid conflicts.

issue and meron time kayo ng hubby mo magtatalo at away... and hati ung oras nya hindi full time sayo kasi lagi pa din cya tatawagin ng mother in law mo...and magkakaproblem lalo na daw kung iba ang lifestyle at hilig nyo..