For couples with baby/ies living with their in-laws (husband side), how do you make "pakisama" with them? Do you give monetary "thank you"? Are you in charge of the food, utility bills, give them allowance etc? How do you effectively manage your finances if all of a sudden you'll be in charge of 2 more adults. I'd love to hear how you sail through this situation because we're currently in that situation and I'm having difficulties about it.

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Hi po been living with my in laws since we got married. No choice kami since only child hubby ko tsaka our take home payout cant afford to buy a house. So halos lahat kami ang nagbabayad, utlities, groceries, gasul,personal necessities,kasama na jan our baby daily needs, monthly installment for our motorcycle at kasama din yung allowance sa mother in law ko po for taking care of our baby since wla kami mahanap na nanny mahirap esp sa lugar nmin. So far ok nman masaya nman kami hindi namin iniisip yung pera kasi kitang kita nman sa pag aalaga sa anak namin na npakalusog inaalagaan talaga nilang mabuti ang anak ko. So inisip ko nlang parang biological parents ko cla na kailangan nang suporta financially since wla silang steady income. Balak ko nga next year kami nlang mag sho.shoulder for SSS contri nila.

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We don't live with our in-laws but we used to. Right after I gave birth before my husband went abroad, we stayed there for several months. We just contributed a portion for each of the bills—water, electricity, grocery and other stuff. If we go out as a family, we would also bring my in-laws. We didn't pay for rent because they own the house. Actually, I think you should be talking to your spouse about that. As a child of your in-laws, who, I suppose, are already aging, the responsibility is at your spouse and you can't keep him from that. After all, they are his/her parents. If you think things aren't fair when it comes to partition, reach out and talk.

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I suppose I have to discuss it with my husband, but what do you consider as "fair"?

You just have to emphatize with them. You don't necessarily have to give them monetary "thank you" but you have to give your fair share for the utility bills and other stuffs that you are mutually consuming by living with them. This where the problem always start, so if you think you are consuming more of (for example) the electricity then add a little bit more to your share of the bill. It's all about being sensitive to their needs also without neglecting your own. Always be respectful, learn how to effectively compromise, help with the chores.. stuff like that. They will appreciate that in the long run. :) ^

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Thankfully my in-laws are nice and generous people and we all get along swimmingly. That doesn't mean however that we don't contribute to the household expenses and responsibilities. I think the best thing to do in our situation is have an open conversation with our in-laws so our respective roles are clear

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