Folic Acid

Hi there, would like to know if I should start eating folic acid? I am in my 5th week have not seen a doc yet.

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Yes u can start now

Start now because it's advised to take even before you conceive. Get it at the pharmacy if you don't have an appointment with a gynae anytime soon :)

Yes! My doctor prescribed it to me, I'm 5 weeks

Yes.. just get it thru pharmacy..

I took months before im pregnant! You can start taking now since you are in your first trime. Cos my gynae prescribe me calcium and obidimin after reaching 2nd trime and thus to stop taking folic.

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Start now if you havent

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Yes. I took it even before I’m pregnant

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Yes, start taking and you can get in pharmacy.

Yes. If you haven't, do start your daily intake now!

Actually folic acid is recommended to be taken at least 3 months before conceiving. Just that during 1st trimester of pregnancy, the intake should be much higher to aid baby’s development.