Folic Acid 5mg

Hi, I would like to know, folic acid 5mg is to be taken till when? Anyone still taking in second trimester?

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It's a must until week 12. I'm week 23 now. During my last visit (week 20) to pharmacy to top up my supplements the pharmacist told me folic acid is not effective after week 12. So even if you take it will be expelled from your body through urine. But no side effects if you wish to take. So I just refilled my folic acid too 😁 Planning to take it till end of pregnancy. Meanwhile I will also check with gynec during my next week's appointment

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Only for 1st trimester. Doc will switch to other supplements in 2nd trimester which may still have some folic acid.

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In second trimester doctors usually recommend a multivitamin which already includes folic acid

Hey, I think first trimester is fine as after first trimester doctors recommend multivitamins

my gynae asked me to stop after o started taking prenatal vitamins. say it's included


2nd trimester doc will prescribed new obimin which also have folic acid inside.

Have to take throughout pregnancy till u give birth..

Not if you are also taking multivitamin


my gynae told me to stop at week 14

Thanks all for your replies! 😊