Morning sickness

Hello there, have been hit by very bad morning sickness. Any recommendations on what to do? Already trying hard to keep food and water down. Tried peppermint oil, Novomin, and it just seems to be getting worse :(((( pregnancy is hard!!!!!

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Wks 6-10 i had severe morning sickness and although i googled everything under the sun, nothing i tried worked for me. I just used Axe oil, had lots of rest (just lie down and really don't move ard) and took bland food like toast/ biscuits to keep myself from starving. It really makes you feel down and helpless but just hang in there..

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im 7 weeks now it was terrible ,all i could have is fruits and some fruits that i crave can not eat ugh🙄 but sleeping resting helps alot!😀and have some ginger tea or with honey ,suggesting what with helped but everyone is different

I have been taking diclentin prescribed by my gynae and it works for me! Without that, i dunno how to survive during work. 😂

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Try Diclectin (a mixture of an antihistamine and pyridoxine). Quite effective! Try ginger tea.. and for me, curry worked. Haha

Ask for some medication from your doctor! It helped to reduce the intensity of the vomiting. Nothing else helps

I drink ginger tea and put some medicated oil on my nose, shoulder, etc. But ya.. no choice 😉

Ginger tea may help, or sipping water