any home remedies for morning sickness?

hi mommies, this is my 2nd pregnancy but first time experiencing very bad morning sickness...ive been feeling nauseous throughout the whole day n vomiting after every meal :( is there any food or ways to get rid of it?

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I’m taking Diclectin which is given by my gynae. But on days where Diclectin don’t work for me, I have to take Ondensetron (Need to get prescription from gynae then purchase from Unity’s pharmacy). It’s a stronger med but it keeps me sane.

2mo ago

Taking Diclectin to stay alive too 🤣

Same here… I tried to take very small meals every two hours. Like a biscuit or a small bowl of porridge. Hope it helps. For me, it does helped a bit though I still feel nausea. If I eat too much, then I will vomit.

3mo ago

yea so awful, nth seem to help much :( i googled n they say dry food helps like biscuits or bread, i shall give it a try! thank u n i hope u feel better soon!

I drink gassy drink! like those sparkling water without sugar kind haha

Try taking Diclectin pills. It worked wonders for me!