Morning Sickness And Gender Co-relation

Asking Those Who Have Given Birth, What Is The Gender Of Your Child And Do You Have Morning Sickness? I Am Trying To See Is There Any Co-relation With Gender And Morning Sickness?

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No such things as that. Gender can't be predict just like that. I always thought I was pregnant with a boy but I ended up delivering a girl.

Not true! Morning sickness has nothing to do with your baby’s gender. It’s more to do with how your body responds to the pregnancy.

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Nope, no correlation. For #2, my morning sickness was much worse than #1. More like all day sickness 🙄 but both girls ◡̈

No correlation on that. But on taste buds maybe some truth. Boys = sweet tooth, Girls= sour stuff

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Not true. I don't follow these myths, it ends up stressing yourself or giving urself hope.

No! My friend and I pregnant boy. But I have morning sickness my friend don't have.

Alas this one isn't true, but it's a good question!

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No correlation so no point hehe

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both boys & no morning sickness

Having a boy with no MS