Any tips to relieve morning sickness?

ive been having very bad morning sickness lately. Does anyone have any tips to relieve it?

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grapes, mentos, anything sweet works for me, I know it may sound gross but after each puke, I drink warm water and continue eating but 3 meals a day, wont work, have to make it 6 small bites throughout the day esp during the 1st trimester, hope this helps 😊

Try requesting dicletin from your Gynae. It works some days for me, some days were really bad. Can try warm brown sugar ginger tea, ginger ale to help to relieve.

Tbh nothing works for me even those medications Dr prescribed.. Only sour plums and all kind of sour drinks and food works for me!

mints, lemon water and cream crackers. I'm having very bad morning sickness since last week. but these help to relieve.

dried mangoes, cherries, apple juice, grapes n honeydew. 12weeks preggy.

Try requesting for dicletin from your gynae if it’s really very bad.

Try sweets and/or juices.

Ribena is best solution