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Exercise after giving birth
Hi Mummies what do you do to get back on that flat tummy apart from Breastfeeding i use to run but when i run my breast very painful even when i pumped pls advice
Try to bind your tummy 24/7
just to get my chest this off as i can only shared with hubby and discuss usually but im soo fed up now,we have a helper who is far relative in the beginning we made it clear that we can only give $
It’s seems like you and your hubs are already giving her a lot of leeway. Communicate this with her and if she still does not make an effort to improve and commit to her duties, let it known to her th
Ask for exchange
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Terminate contract and send her back
is there such place for a 4 months old to do modelling😅?me and ma girl and bore at jome ya knowwww!😊🤭
4 months old more like ad hoc jobs, unlike teens or adults with higher demand. U can search Singapore modeling in Facebook groups to watch out for potential job.
hi if u don't use my points for long tume does it expires ?
Don't think so.
from what I’ve experienced, nope
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Don't think so
Don’t think so
Men’s Shorts
Help!My Hubby Wears UK 44 ,4XL where to buy in SG or any webside?or app i can buy from? TIA
thanks everyone found at M&S
Online Try those with American sizes H&M
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Can try qoo10
You can try online like Lazada, qoo10. For retail shop, try Peninsular Plaza @ City hall
Has anyone taken Zyrtec while breastfeeding?i have runny nose that became stuffy once in awhile I don’t have panadol for cold at home atm so m thinking of taking Zyrtec isit safe?
GP said it’s ok so long it’s not the one with “D” as it will decrease milk supply,
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It's generally fine but just take once a day will do.
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Hi... it is safe. However please have a 2-3 hours before you breastfeed your child
Baby boy gift
i have a Chinese Friend who just had a baby boy i got boys cloths but when i give money is tgere such thing as lucky number?if so how much i should give ?
$68 to $88. As 8 is a very suspicious number in the Chinese culture
$68? $88?
68 or 88!
$68, $88?
Pregnancy after C section
Isit possible to get pregnant after c section when my girl is just two months only?pls advise
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Yes is possible
After C section you need proper rest and no stress should be given to your lower abdomen. Once your doctor says that the stitches have healed completely then you can go ahead and plan for pregnancy ag
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Hi... if you’ve had sexual intercourse, you might get pregnant. Please consult your gynecologist
Yes is possible
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as long as have menstruation then have ovulation so is possible preg, but not advisable cos of c section, internal wound not completely heal and if preg within tat period will cost more damage and har
Sleeping separately from hubby
I know its me who suggested that hubby sleeps alone and me and our daughter 20 days old sleep in other bedroom but i felt really Emotional and Sad ,i wanted him to rest well since he goes to office Ev
You can ask his preference and do accordingly.
Find time to cuddle and spend time with him before bedtime
Then ask him to sleep with you again. Why banish him to the other room? Taking care of baby is the responsibility of both mommy and daddy. Share the love and share the load
Dont worry, i think once have babies the focus only sleeping seem to be least important... after awhile i think hub will sleep thru even bb is crying...
I used to worry about my husband having disrupted sleep too esp when they have to go back to work after paternity leave ends. He still offers to help me during the midnight feeds but I try to manage i
My LO drinks 150ml in 3-4 hours time im just thinking was i over feeding her?now she drinks from my breast and better but @the second week we didn’t know so,we will just give her 60-150ml 🙊i was just
If you're overfeeding baby, she will show signs of discomfort (vomiting, back arching, inconsolable crying etc.). If she didn't show any sign it's probably fine. But anyway if you're no longer bottle
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Hi... if you’re breastfeeding, your child will stop sucking if she’s full. If you’re expressing and bottle-fed her, you should follow feeding guidelines. If your child is hungry, she will cry.