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Has anyone deliver at Mount Elizabeth Orchard?can you please share your experience with me ? Can share with me where you deliver recently as well as im to give birth in two months and I haven’t decide
I had my Daughter in mount Elizabeth Orchard. Which doctor are you delivering under?

Have you order newborn items like cloths or Swaddles

Mittens towel etc from Lazada if you look properly i think muslim Swaddles at baby fair are from Lazada ,if you ever purchased directly from Lazada can you share with me if its worth it?they are cheap
Suggest you compare few e-commerce websites such as qoo10, Tao bao before you decide

Newborn items

Having a baby girl and its our first time so i have many questions that i hope to get answers gere😀how many Swaddles are needed ?and how many newborn cloths did you purchased when you first gave birt
this was my sort of list to have...
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Delivery cost

Hello mummies!Im new here Im due on coming may 22 has anyone gave birth at NUH?what was the cost of Natural water birth can anyone share ?Im a foreigner and holding LTVP does it cost same?or will i be
Check the hospital website or call their hotline to find out. They will be able to advise accurately.