morning sickness

i am currently at my 12th week and my morning sickness is not getting any better. can’t even keep my food down for an hour before having to throw up even plain water! :( and on top of all this, i have headache that comes along with it. the doctors has prescribe me with the medication for morning sickness but its not helping :( help me! :’(

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I’m at 17w5d now but still vomiting 1-4 times a day. It’s considered an improvement from the last few weeks of 3-8 times a day. The only thing I can advise other than diclectin meds (despite the drowsy+fatigue side effects) is to keep trying to put food in you. It’s very difficult, I understand — where even plain water that goes in comes out — but right after a puke session, I will go sip on warm water or cold soyabean milk, just to replace some nutrients. And about 50% of the time, I might be able to hold that down. 🙏🏻💪🏻 I completely get the fear and trauma of eating after so many vomiting episodes, but you gotta keep trying to put food in you as an empty stomach nausea is worse — and the vomiting episode will be extra painful cause it’s raw gastric juices that burns. 🥺♥️ Stay strong and keep sipping on water or munching on plain crackers! 💪🏻💪🏻

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For me plain food with no smell like crackers first thing even before you feel hungry must eat. Maybe can put lemon in your water. Supposed to help with nausea. If can't keep water down then try suck on some ice to at least get some fluid into your body. There's this acupressure point on the arm near ur wrist which helped with morning sickness a bit u can Google it. You can also try some of those yoga or videos on YouTube which helps with morning sickness. Some of them worked for me. If it makes you feel better to know, my morning sickness was gone in mid of 2nd trimester. My friend's wife who had really bad morning sickness like you also got better so maybe you will too. A few more weeks to go. Hang in there.

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Hi Syasya, Hang in there dearie…sorry to hear you feel so horrible right now. Here are some tips: You could try paying attention to your body and seeing what appeals to you right now. For example, if starchy foods like rice or noodles are good with you right now, you could try things like whole-wheat pasta or brown rice which have some nutrition in them. Or even sweet potatoes as a snack… Hope it works for you mama!

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