What would you do if you're having trouble seeing eye to eye with your partner when it comes to disciplining your children, especially since your partner is Filipino and grew up with a different set of values?

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Personally, I think there is no two way about this. You will need to talk to your partner and decide on how to discipline your child. This is because it is very important to be consistent when it comes to parenting. Otherwise, it will be very confusing for the child when his/her parents seemed to be saying different things to him/her. Have a discussion and remember to focus on what are the important values you each want your child to have. From there, you can probably come up with the parenting style that will suit both. Just bear in mind that even if both of you adopt different parenting styles, the underlying "message/rule" that you are teaching your child have to be the same.

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Hi! We might be of different beliefs and religion but I want to share something that has helped many couples and/or families. I hope u'd take time reading this. All the best for ur family! https://www.jw.org/en/library/books/happy-family/