If given the chance, which part of the Philippines would you and your family relocate?

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I would say Baguio. We just visited it last weekend and it felt like home to me, us (my hubby as well). Not exaggerating but that's really how we felt. Reasons why we shall consider such location: First is because as we all know it's getting hotter in Manila. Each. Day. And my fave pair - hubby & daughter - sweats like fountain so the temp there would be very perfect! Secondly, since it's a province, your budget will really go miles compared to when you are living in MM. Next, fruits and veggies are really fresh, no doubt! So healthier diet for the family. And lastly, rentals on houses are really cheap. Like no less than 20k you already have a 2-storey house with a balcony and a garage. :)

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Batangas. They have malls (like SM) if I want to go shopping and eat out, but there's still a lot of trees and plants. There are several universities (including a State University) and other schools for my kids. There are also private hospitals for our health needs. There's a lot of beaches as well in case we want to relax and have fun. Plus, it's only a couple of hours away from Manila.

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Dumaguete! It's a heavenly place. Very peaceful and oh so beautiful. If you want a taste of the city and province all together, you may want to relocate there. For me, Dumaguete is the best of both worlds like Cebu, Davao and other major city provinces

Davao. My husband grew ip there and i could only hear good things from him. I visited the place once and was amazed how clean it is. Moreover, people are really following the rules and i want my child to feel that she should follow the rules as well.