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We are back with another 'Ask the Expert' Session, held on our theAsianparent app! ??‍⚕️ . Our expert for this week is Lyonel Ng, TCM Physician specialising in Pain Management (Acupuncture & Tuina), Traumatology, Spine-related Diseases, Myofascial Rehabilitation, Joint Manipulation and Internal Disorder. . Don't forget to leave your questions in the comment section, to have your burning questions answered about TCM! . Topic: TCM for Mums and Babies Date: Friday, 17 January 2020 Time: 8.30pm to 9.30pm

Ask the Expert Series
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Since I became a new mum and I have gotten used to breaking rest and sleeping at all odd hours. Now I have trouble sleeping at night. Are there any TCM treatments that can help?

2y ago

You can consider doing acupuncture along TCM herbal medication. In TCM, we believe sleep occurs when the Ying in our body enter into the Yang of our body. And that sleep is also very much related to the function of our heart and spleen. Therefore, we would aim to regulate these through acupuncture and herbal medication, which would eventually help with the process and quality of sleep.