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Whose babies would look cuter - Kate's or Meghan's? Tell us why in the comments below!

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Doesn't matter really, all babies are cute!

166 People have responded

What is the one thing you want time for the most!

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Watching Series/Movies
Love making

192 People have responded

Sex after having a baby is?

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A pleasure
A chore
Other /comment below

178 People have responded

Which was the happiest day of your life?

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When you got married
The day your baby was born
First job

260 People have responded

Did you meet your spouse...

When you were children?
In secondary/high school?
In university?
At work?

373 People have responded

Met my partner thru a dating app 💙

When could your baby sit up by themselves

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4 months (or less)
5 months
6 months (or more)

199 People have responded

Were you inspired to choose a name from this list for your baby next year?

Yes, I'd love for my baby to have a cool, unique name.
Nah, I'd rather choose something simple so people can recognise them better.

140 People have responded

Is it okay for your wife to have guy friends?

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221 People have responded

What should you say to someone who asks you, "when are you having kids?"

Never. This world is overpopulated.
I'm hoping to freeze my eggs, so I don't know yet.
It's none of your business, thank you.
When are YOU having kids?

154 People have responded

On 30 February!

Would you ever sell your baby's first bed?

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234 People have responded