If you are to have another baby, would you like it to be:

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It doesn't matter

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Which is more devastating?

Losing your spouse?
Losing your child?

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Losing a love one is very devastating neither its your husband or your baby.

Do you believe you give your wife enough emotional support?

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Of course

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Who do you love more?

My spouse
My kids
My pet
Equally but different

1077 People have responded

My kids then myself

Right now, at the moment, are you falling out of love with your spouse?

Yes, I'm struggling to hold on
No, I love my spouse deeply

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How many times have you watched Trolls with your kids?

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At least 5 times and counting...

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Innumerable times. Whenever there's a gathering with my friends, trolls is always being played.

What is that one thing that you really want to do for yourself but don't get time!

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Read a book
Go to the Spa
Have some lone time
Others (share in comments!)

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Sleep. Travel. Sleep

Who chooses kids' every day outfit?

Anyone in the household

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How often do you go on a holiday with your family?

Less than once a year
Once a year
Twice a year
Multiple times a year

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Did you breastfeed, or are you planning to breastfeed your baby?

Yes, I did and still am
I tried but it didn't work out

380 People have responded

breastfeeding is the best for your baby