Your biggest role model

Your Mother
Your Father
Your Spouse

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Do you think you're a great in bed?

Of course!
No, I'm an amateur

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I prefer that my husband do the work. I like to get eaten though!

Christmas with your family, who's invited for the noche buena?

It's just me, my spouse and kid/s
It's for the whole extended family
Whoever wants to come join us.

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Which is more devastating?

Losing your spouse?
Losing your child?

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Do you watch regular movies with your kids?

Yes, it's fine
No, only animated ones

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Parents shouldn't restrict children's activities or decisions


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Parents need to restrict children's choices if it could be dangerous or have serious consequences. But I think when it comes to minor decisions like what shirt to wear children should be allowed to de

Do formula fed babies sleep longer than breastfed babies


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Which pregnancy symptom did/do you hate the most?

Frequent urination

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Frequent urination because it interrupts my sleep.

Of my husband's annoying habits, I hate this the most

Neglecting what I say
Other (share in comments!)

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Addiction to his phone!

Will you rather give your child...

Pocket money?
Money only for calculated expenses?
Other (share in comments!)

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some times yes but not regularly