Is it okay to leave a sleeping baby at home while you run out for a quick errand nearby?
no. back in 1989 my dad once left my sister who was 5months old for like 10mins because he had to pick my mother from work. they were using bike and it was raining.(too poor to get a car at that time)
Please suggest some name starting with T for a baby boy
boy 👦 - THANISH
What's the most hurtful thing your spouse has said to you?
My hubby would never ever talk to me like that.. NEVER!! Our relationship is open-minded, we talk a lot to each other and we respect each other.
what brands are you using for your little one's day diapers and night diapers? and what's the longest stretch you let her/his diaper go unchanged at night (assuming no poop just pee)?
only can use mamy poko and pet pet. suitable with a pants...i cannot use pampers, because my little boy can open a tape since 7 month. i will change every 4-6 hours. normally he poo early morning
What are the top 3 things you fight about as a couple?
time, money, behaviour
What's your first symptoms before knowing you are pregnant?
Got tired very easily :)
Describe your pregnancy in 1 word!
Wonderful! 💕
Which formula milk are mommies/ daddies here giving to your LO? Any reviews? I'm going to stop breastfeeding soon due to health reasons, so looking for formula milk for my LO. TIA!
My son when he’s below 1 yo, he’s having colic, so doc suggest similar total comfort. When he’s 14 months, due to unable to find similar total comfort all the time, I give him similar gain plus. He dr
When do you first get symptoms of pregnancy?
I felt it 2 days after missing my period.
Do you kiss your kids on the lips? I do that but have received stares from strangers and was wondering if I should stop doing it.
Why not! Ignore others. If possible I want to kiss my husband in front of others too 😶 but im shy