What are the top 3 things you fight about as a couple?
Money (he only spend on things he likes(gadget) or food, after that will announce 'not enough liao' 😒 His Temperamental And.... Ego........ Nonetheless, our marriage still going strong and had marr
Putting your spouse first or putting your kids first?
Spouse. Happy couple happy family.

impatient spouse

How do you deal with a super impatient spouse?
Nagiging impatient kaming mga mommies if yung busy ka na sa bahay, baby tapos aasikasuhin mo pa ang hubby mo, naguguluhan utak namin kung ano uunahin.Gusto rin naming mga mommies yung kusa nyong nakik
When do you start bringing your toddler for dentist visit? Where can we bring them to dentist visit?
4 yrs. once in 6 months
My 2 year old baby boy has very low growth in height and weight ... What do I do??? Plz give me suggestions
Give your child pediasure, it increases your child height and weight..
What's the most hurtful thing your spouse has said to you?
This question hits me hard. I feel guilty! This question is for the wives pero parang intended ang question na to sa husband ko. Ang dami kong nasabi na masasakit sa kanya. Kahit pa unintended or out

New Daddy's Woes!

My wife just gave birth one month ago and I feel like I don't have a life anymore! I want my guys' night out and soccer time with my buddies. Everything is about the baby now. Is this it for me? How d
shocking replies, this question isnt about his wife, its about him. i am sure he is a great father and spend time with his wife and helps out everyway possible. unfortunately, women have no choice th

Korean skin care for mums

What brand of Korean skin care product would you recommend for mommies?
Heard from quite a few friends that Laniege is good.
What is your ideal number of children?
i am so so excited to share this testimony with everyone. i never really believed in spell casting nor magic whatsoever. i was so ignorant of the fact that one can really get pregnant by any means of

Periods after delivery

Typically, how many months after delivery do you start getting your periods? I delivered nearly 3 months back
About 6 months