Siapa yang pilih nama bayi anda?

Excited sgt bila dpt tau gender baby ni. Tapi masa cari nama, siapa yg pilihkan nama baby korg? Sy berkenan ni, suami pula nak tu. Last2 family x setuju dua2. Ahh stress!
Mcm sy,sama2...ada yg asben buh ada yg sy buh. Mcm ank sulung "faiqah (sy) Auni (asben)" Dapat ank boy,konon nak bg asben 100% tp sy sibuk gak nk selit😁😁😁 "faiq Anaqi".. Nk sgt nama Faiq,dr prgnant
Please suggest some name starting with T for a baby boy
Tyler Tristan

Husband/Wife age gap

Is there an age gap between you and your partner?
He's 6 years earlier 😅
What's the most hurtful thing your spouse has said to you?
mas masaya sya sa mga katrabaho nya

Describe your child

What's the first word that come to your mind when you think of your child? Or children.
Describe your pregnancy in 1 word!

New Daddy's Woes!

My wife just gave birth one month ago and I feel like I don't have a life anymore! I want my guys' night out and soccer time with my buddies. Everything is about the baby now. Is this it for me? How d Hi. We are a group of hackers called 8ballanonymoux and we offer hacking services for everyone. Some of our services are: * Cell phone hacking * Calls and messages
How early can you catch on that you're pregnant? What are are signs and symptoms to look out for? Whats the earliest sign to notice?
A day i missed my period. I already took pt and it was positive. Tho unexpected becoz the symptoms are same with when ur period will come like cravings, mood swing, abd. Pain.
What are the top 3 things you fight about as a couple?
Can be anything... lolx😂
how old is your kid when he / she started to go to school