Hai, boleh recommend brand stroller or car seat baby apa yang berkualiti?
Me also using joie every stage convertible may use it from 0-36 kg..invest sekali untuk longterm use adalah sangat berbaloi..
What's the most hurtful thing your spouse has said to you?
ung word na pinili nia ung ex nia pero ayaw parin ako bitawan 😩
Does breastfeeding actually help you lose weight?
Yes, i lose 5kg in 1 month..
What are the top 3 things you fight about as a couple?
yung di pagpaparamdam. hays di pa kasi kami nagsasama. yung pag inom niya, tho minsan lang yun kahit na parin syempre buntis ako gusto ko ako lang lagi niya kasama. at yung minsan yung pagiging makuli

Smart or happy

Would you rather your kids be smart or happy?
Happy and healthy! Sometimes when you are too smart, you tend to overthink and end up causing stress to yourself right?

Husband/Wife age gap

Is there an age gap between you and your partner?
what brands are you using for your little one's day diapers and night diapers? and what's the longest stretch you let her/his diaper go unchanged at night (assuming no poop just pee)?
We use Drypers and Pet Pet brand. Both ok for day and night.
Hubbies in the delivery room - yay or nay?
Do you give water to your baby when she has hiccup ? My baby is 3 mo, and in laws keep telling me to give water whenever they are around while PD said its normal for NB to have hiccup till they are 4m
bawal po sa tubig ang baby hanggat wala pang 6 months. breast feed muna. pwede sila mamatay. kse di pa nakakapagadjust katawan nila sa environment ntn. unlike nung nsa loob sya ng tiyan.
How many times in the night do you change your baby's diaper?
Before bedtime ang usually when he woke up for milk at 3am..