Is it okay to leave a sleeping baby at home while you run out for a quick errand nearby?
No, too dangerous !
Moms, what's your favorite 'me time' activity?
Mamasyal ng mg isa 😂😂😊😊
Does breastfeeding actually help you lose weight?
yesss . depend on how u eat when u hungry after feeding ur baby 😅
Which do you prefer, a stroller or a carrier?
Stroller. Unless to crowded places then carrier it shall be!
Do you give water to your baby when she has hiccup ? My baby is 3 mo, and in laws keep telling me to give water whenever they are around while PD said its normal for NB to have hiccup till they are 4m
I waited until my son was 4 months old to give him any water
What's the most hurtful thing your spouse has said to you?
would love to say it here but its like ripping my heart apart
Would like to know how long does it takes to have your period/menses back after giving birth?
It honestly varies from one person to the next and it could also depend on if you had a c-section or not but I would suggest that if it has been more than 2 months going back to your doctor
Mums what would you do if you had 1 hour uninterrupted guilt-free me-time?
online shopping or sleep!
Please suggest some name starting with T for a baby boy
Terrance, Trace, Terry, Theodore, Thomas
My wife is very hot tempered and she like to hit me when she lose her temper. She will dig her fingernail into my skin and sometimes she will slam my head against the wall. I don't want to hit her bac
look man.. sometimes wives are behave like this becoz she does not get what she expect from you or her loved one. carefully examine what she really expect from ypu and try to fulfill thise; not you li