My spouse is a really good dad, but I think he doesn't love me anymore. He always prioritizes the kids and is kind to them, but when it comes to me, he's rude and short-tempered. I've tried talking to him about it but he just told me I was being needy and demanding. Am I being needy? What should I do?

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Give him time for now. After a couple of days, try to approach him again but not in a way that you are begging kasi baka dun sya naiirita. Sometimes men want to feel important but not to the extend that the girl appears to be so 'desperate' of his attention, I'm not saying you are like that kasi you have the right, you are his wife. You can ask him to cooperate and magcompromise kayo for the sake of the kids since you mentioned he loves the kids so much. Maybe from there, you can come up with an agreement on how to improve your relationship.

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Did you ask him why did he say that he is needy and demanding? There should be a basis on why he said that. Also, try to check if there were instances from before that lead him to act that way--or has he been acting that way ever since? I suggest that you try to sit down and talk to him about this again (on a time that is okay for him, meaning he is not grumpy or in a bad mood) then tell him what you have observed and feel. There must be a reason for it.

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Hi. Try a different approach mommy. Continue ka lang being a "good wife". Let your husband see na despite how he treats you, you will still do your part as a wife. Maybe he will realize that he needs to change. This works kasi for most of my friends na may mga marriage problems.

You try to ask him bakit sa tingin nya you are being needy and demanding? Baka lang kasi may miscommunication po kayo. Baka sayo hindi naman pero sa kanya ganon na pala yung dating. At least, makapagmeet half way po kayo. Communication is the key.

Give him time. Pagod lang siguro yan. Minsan ganyan ako sa asawa ko lalo pag pagod ako kaka asikaso sa bata. Yung tipong magpapahinga ka muna kaso siya naman bigkang magpapa bebe. Eh wala ka na ngang time sa sarili mo. Hahaha

You should talk to him again, one on one. Communication is very important in a relationship, and your husband should give you a reason instead of just saying that you're needy. Tell him that this is important to you.

Attend Discipleship Group. Pray for him. Remember a man cannot change, it is only GOD who can change him. πŸ™πŸ‘Œ

Why dont you try to ask him personally . Hindi naman siguro masama ang magopen diba ? Masakit sa loob ng babae yan kapag di mo nailabas .