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Hi, Rissa! What's the best tip on how to put eye makeup for persons with hooded eyes?
Mascara ang magic! Pwede din ata ang smokey eyes, pero hindi ako masyado fan nun.
Possible bang maging allergic sa allergy medicine?
Possible. I have allergies to medicine as well. There are tests I know that are conducted to check if there's any allergic reaction to certain medicines.
Yes, meron may mga allergy sa medicine so you also need to monitor if may allergic reactions every time may new medicine intake so you can inform your doctor next time. When I was young, I was allergi
Hi, Dr. Ninia. Totoo po ba na nakakaalis ng tooth ache kapag pinakagat chew ng avocado seed? It's a common practice kasi ng mga in-laws ko.
Yes agree! Nung bata kami, dinudurog yan ng lola ko hanggang sa maging powdery sya tapos, she apply it sa masakit naming ngipin using a piece of cloth. Hindi ko nalang talaga matandaan kung naging eff
Hi, Miss Yayo! I heard my niece saying "sinasabi mo lang yan kasi siyempre Mommy kita" whenever her mom praises her appearance. Did you also experience this? How do you deal with this po to encourage
Ganyan din ako sa mommy ko dati. Pero nagugustuhan ko yung comeback nya when she enumerates pa and specify how beautiful my facial features are! Although alam kong inuuto parin nya ako hehehe
If a mother is undergoing depression but rarely show signs of it, how can the family members help her?
Reach out to her. If you feel that she's having a hard time expressing her feelings, the family members should be the one to initiate. You may not want to ask her directly at first. Instead, let her f
How effective is the skin patch test? Does it really detect all types of allergens that can trigger allergy attack?
Patch testing may help to identify the exact cause. It is not a foolproof test to find every cause of dermatitis, but often helps.
Is it true that if you have a dog while your child is still an infant, there is a possibility that your baby won't have asthma?
Never heard about this but we used to have a dog and i still have asthma :(
Hi, Angelu! Do you allow your kids na mag-overnight with a friend's house or overnight with friends for a trip?
Itatanong ko din sana yan, kasi when I was a teen, di ako pinapayagan ng mom ko na mag-sleep over. Ano kayang tip ni mommy Angelu. :)
What do you think, mas okay ba na separate kayo ng savings account ng husband mo or better ang joint account?
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both. seperate for your own needs, joint para sa mga needs niyo in the house and also para sa anak niyo din po. pag medyo malaki na yung child niyo, much better if may own savings din po siya ng saril
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separate para walang sumbatan pag nag world war 3
separate and joint 👍
Separate and joint.
may joint savings acc
What's the best bank that offers savings and insurance for kids?
BDO junior .
Not a bank but Sun Life Financial! My kids have their own as early as 2months old, in preparation for their educ/capital for having their own business later on. Contact Ms Hyden Tonio (Yan Hyden Tonio
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Better to put it in SUNLIFE, may life insurance ka na, may investment and savings ka pa. Contact Wacky Paragas in facebook for more details 🌞
better po sa life insurance nyo lagay.. axa or prulife