Suddenly don't want to eat

My baby is 6 months and 24 days. We started eating on the day he turned 6m. Introduced only mashed food and Cerelac when I dont have the time to prepare along with breastfeeding and FM. But then 3 days ago my mom suddenly told me that he doesn't want to eat. at first I thought it was a just a phase so I let it pass and just told her to just make sure he drinks his milk. But today as I tried it myself, He really doesn't want to eat. He gags and vomits the food out. Kahit kaunti pa lang ang naisusubo ko. Nag aalala ako. I read an article, that maybe it was just a sign of teething. Is it really a sign? Could you give some tips and advice on how to make my baby eat again. Thank you.

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maybe po momshie..iba iba din kasi mga baby..iba naglalaway, nilalagnat, nagsusuka, nagtatae o ayaw talaga kumain kasi maskit mga gums nya..bilhan m.po ng teether may makakagat xa pagsubra ngilo ng gums nya..hope maging ok n baby m.

3y ago

hindi po ba nakakakabag ang teether? yan po kasi sabi ng nanay ko kaya nag aalangan ako, at thank you po, sana nga maging okay na siya... 💕