Feeling Turn On During Pregnancy

sorry, a bit TMI. ive read most people will have a lower sex drive when they are pregnant. but for me however somehow i feel like the sex drive increase instead of decrease. is that normal. my previous pregnancy was also like this but it end up in a miscarriage. for now me and my husband are restraining our self from having it until the 2nd trimester although i really want it eventho my husband is fine to puasa for few months. are any of you guys have the same experience?

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Masa 2nd pregnancy nafsu saya tinggi and almost everyday i request dengan husband. Huhuhuhu skrg baby dah 7 bulan. I think u kene check kalau ade bleding after sex than u kene extra careful. Mcm saya xde any issues at all after sex cuma masa third trimester i kene kurangkan sbb everytime buat i kene false contraction.

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Hi dear! I had the same exact problem in previous pregnancy. After two days intercourse I had bleeding. Now I decided to stay in my home town until i deliver my baby healthy. Because doctor advice me not to have intercourse until 20weeks.

Me too.. me and my husband will. having sex 4-5 times a week and now i was miscarriage and i don't know what cause of it.. i thought is better for me not to having sex on my next pregnancy till i really ready for it

im having intercourse once or twice per week. so far my baby is just fine. now im 16 week. but the problem is after the intercourse i feel a lil bit pain when i pee due to kencing ada kuman

Me. I have the same experience. Hahahaha and for I know, please avoid intercourse in the first trimester. Even now, we still avoid it though I sometimes feels like turned on :)

me too. always turned on but need to avoid it.