Small for Gestational Age

"Small for gestational age means the unborn baby is smaller than expected for the number of weeks of pregnancy" . Hi there I'm at 21 weeks but my baby size is around 19 weeks only. Maybe most of it is my fault, as I don't drink any materna milk bcs I tend to gain weight very quickly and honestly my diet is not much of a healthy, balanced diet anyway. I'll try to change my eating habits from now own in hopes that I can help my baby to grow normally. However, I would just like to know if anyone here had/ is having the same experience. I need to know what are the possibilities that things will get better and the baby will be delivered in a healthy condition, and what are the possibilities that the baby is will face any complication during and after pregnancy? Tysm on your feedbacks ????

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Tulis jawapan

Nothing is wrong with your baby my dear,with time your baby will be at his/her normal size. You just makes sure your food is always balance and eat more fruit as well. Once your doctor said your baby is fine, you don't need to be worried. God be with you.

3y ago

Have faith in God. It will turn out well.