i don't have the feeling of it

is it normal or ok to suddenly not have desires for sex during my third trimester of pregnancy...I worry that this will affect my relationship with my husband... I really need some opinions please

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I dont have any sex desire since my 1st trimester of pregnancy. Though I did it anyway with my hubs if he asked but most of the time I will reject his request. Even I felt sorry for him I still cant do anything to have that desire. My vag is always dry if we done it and it was really painful for me. Thankfully my hubs is really thoughtful and all you have to do is communicate with each other about it. Marriage is not only about sex, but it is how you can give and take about each other. Well I can let him “puasa” from his lust so I will do oral instead and he thanks me for that lol

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sy spanjang kehamilan hingga skrg 27w, mmg xpernah tolak kalau suami nak bersama.. tp dia pon berhati² jugak.. mmg keinginan ibu utk bersama tu kurang atau mungkin tiada .. tp fitrah lelaki, lepas bersalin nak berpantang lagi.. kesian lama tu nk tggu.. ye, dia paham keadaan kita tp kita pon kena paham jgk keadaan dia.. normal, slow² je🤭

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rasa 1st trimester smpai la skg msuk 3rd trmster msih kami bhubungan macam biasa .. its ok tpi perlu nasihat doktor dlu sbb doktor bleh check up mcm mna kandungan boleb atau tidak sbb kalo plasenta kedudukan bawah memang tdk disarankan bhubungan sis akan tjdi flek.. husband yg xda nafsu sbb tkut harm tu baby but actually its ok..need tu understand each other are so important sis 😁👍

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blh sama dgn suami sis ,,,, its not worried abt tht dh sampai ke 3rd trimester kalau blh buat tade masalah cuma jgn lasak sgt kuat ...sloww ly ..sbb i pun ada tanya kat doctor masa chekup dia ckp blh je tade mslh only 1st trimester xblh buat sbb kandungan baru kecil lagi dan baru form dlm kita punya perut kan pasal tu . jadi jgn risau u cn xxx with ur love .

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I had fibroid during my pregnancy. since the 1st day I got pregnant until I deliver my baby my husband not even a day ask for it. he worried too much of me n my baby. I had cser delivery. After 6 months of my delivery that was the 1st day I together with my husband again. u can talk to ur husband. not all men have the sexsual desires.

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sy pon sme mcm sis..ada fibroid jugak...risau pon ada...

It's normal. I don't feel any desires for sex as well. But sometimes I just do it bcause some people said it will make the delivery easier 😅

Saya pun sama. Sejak pregnant ni memang jarang bersama. 1st trimester, sllu on. Dah 27weeks ni jarang dah. Suami takut apa2 jadi dekat baby. Sbb kdg lepas bersama saya rasa perut sakit2 sikit. Suami takut saya terberanak awal kut. Saya ajak dia xnak, katanya takut jd apa2 kat baby sbb saya tidur pun susah. 🤣🤣

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normally during second trimester you have extra desire for sex. but when you are in your third trimester it's normal to not have any sexual desire. your husband should be more understanding towards your pregnancy and you shouldn't feel worried if you don't have any sexual desire.

Same, since I'm 3rd until now, our baby already 3 months old we didn't do it.. It got worse after I delivered our baby & completed my confinement, just thinking of it made me afraid if its going to be painful & I'm still trauma since the delivery.. Luckily my husband understand me, but I'm still worried tho

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i think its normal to all mother to be , during pregnancy memang akan rasa taknak having sex or rasa dont have a feeling to having sex with husband , but kena juga try cause takut nanti husband akan rasa tak suka kalau asyik elak dari having sex , mummy kena kuat layan ya ,