Can share ur baby eating schedule? My 8mths lo schedule: 7am --> FM (150ml) 11am --> BM (150ml) --> Fruit Puree (100ml) 3pm --> Either Friso Rice Milk Cereal (150ml) Or Friso Wheat Milk Cereal (150ml) --> Veggie Puree (100ml) 8pm --> BM (150ml) --> Half Teething Biscult (4g) 11pm --> BM (150ml) * timing might vary depending on lo. (+/-1hr) * sometimes sttn * sometimes at night still wake up thus give FM (150ml). Not sure if my 8mths lo daily intake sufficient for him. Currently ard 9kg+ Should i increase their milk intake to 180ml? Pls share some tips on lo daily food schedule as well as types of food to intro. My Lo have tried these so far: ● Apple juice ● Pear/Carrot/Avocado/Butternut Puree mixed with BM ● Barley/Cereal/Rice/Porridge Thk you! ?

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I find e amt of milk ok leh. If u wan to increase, u can give it a try. Increase to 160ml in each feed and see if LO can finish anot. If most of e feeds cannot finish, den stay at 150ml. The checkups at e polycinic, nurse/doc nvr say anything abt LO's weight rite? If u r concerned abt e poop, try giving Biogaia (probiotics). 5 drops into e mouth once a day.

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i think your schedule seems to be okay. as long as baby is growing well you need not worry. you may want to increase the milk and try to see if he can finish.

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seem like a healthy diet! If LO is ok with the solids and doesn't seem to cry for more milk after the 150ml, there isn't a need to increase the fm

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Important thing, when u bring them for vaccination, did the doc seem worried? if no, there dont let others affect you.